Kabul Garrison opposes with Aryana Sayeed concert over security threats

ASKABUL: The Kabul Garrison Command has opposed with the concert by Aryana Sayeed on the occasion of the Independence Day of Afghanistan, citing persistent security issues in the capital.

The Kabul Garrison Commander General Afzal Aman said the singer has been informed regarding the security threats and that the Garrison Command will not be able to ensure security for the concert and the participants.

Gen. Aman further added that the organizers of the concert informed them that around ten thousand people will attend the concert.

He said the security forces will be busy with the security for the Independence Day and will be unable to ensure the security for the thousands of people as the city is consistently being threatened by the security threats.

Gen. Aman further added that the concert organizers have been informed to organize the concert in some other place, like in any hotel to prevent the outburst of a security incident.

This comes as some religious clerics have also shown their opposition with the concert.

In the meantime, the concert organizers have said they have changed their plan to organize the concert in Ghazi Stadium and will opt another place due to the security concerts. -KP

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