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Kabul bleeds again by the coward-terrorist attack

Kabul-Explosion-615x300@2x (1)EDITORIAL: Undoubtedly, the killing of innocent people is forbidden in Islam. No argument stands over it. Even the killing of none-Muslim people is not allowed, unless during Jihad. Targeting people in public places is absolutely unjustifiable to any law around the globe. Islam is against all such type of evil acts that civilians could be killed or wounded. But, Afghan people are really wondering to know that what kind of people terrorists are that don’t restrain from targeting unarmed people even in the holy month of Ramadan. In purist of political aims, the terrorists even prefer to use violence and intimation against civilians—something against Islamic teachings. Islam says that don’t kill surrendered none-Muslim people—but terrorists are above all, while killing people at large. They (militants) are vicious enforces who stood out against all human—forces supporting terrorism needs to be defeated as well. A joint effort to fight all types of terrorism is the need of the hour. It’s worth mentioning that states supporting and harboring militant outfit should be pressurized to all extend. It is a fact that in fight against global terrorists, the Afghan civilians are paying the highest price. The prolonged war in the country continues claiming civilian’s lives. However, the Wednesday deadly bombing in Kabul, the capital city, was one of deadliest, in which dozens of people, mostly civilians were killed and hundreds other received injures. Kabul bleeds again by the coward-terrorist attack. Hundreds of families were left in mourn. Parents lost their son, and daughter—vice-versa, sons lost their parents. All the Kabul residents are in grieve. This was a massacre indeed. Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased and prayers with the wounded. Not only in Kabul, but in Afghanistan as a whole has seen increasing violence over the last year as both the Taliban insurgents, and Islamic State (IS), aka Daesh terrorists have been struggling to weaken the writ of the government. The militants by Kabul attack had once again revealed their evil face—a face of terror—which the history can’t forget their barbaric act against Afghan civilians. The Afghan masses across the country in general, but Kabul resident in particular have lost their serenity due to violent activities. What is our crime to be targeted? Till when we should bear the brunt of causalities? No further room left for us to bury our dearest and nearest one. This human tragedy has to be halted through different political channels. It is imperative for the National Unity Government to accelerate anti-militants operations nationwide, and eliminate all form of terrorists as revenged to the killing of Kabul deadly attack.

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