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ISPR’s New Song Carries Strange Sense and Confused Meanings: Opinion

dkbThe new song released by the ISPR in lieu of Peshawar Army Public School commemoration day, is neither poignant nor thought provoking and sounds like the expression of dislocated sensibility. The lyrics contain offensive connotations and seem to be focused against a particular community/ ethnic group within Pakistan, identified as the enemy. Or is it that the great fighters of the nation have decided to appease a very aggressive India by declaring an ethnic minority of the country as a new found foe of the nation. Given that we’ve been fed an enemy image of India, replaced with that of Soviet Union and after its collapse our strategists created an enemy out of everyone talking a different language, hailed from a different religion or culture, or even having a different viewpoint on ordinary issues. This according to some inspired fanatics in high places was the beginning of the rise of Islam. Four civilian governments were crucified in the name of jihad against super powers and our 007s assured the fanatic following that conquest of the world was just around the corner. The fraud continued till the landing of Cowboys in Afghanistan. Since then whatever has been produced by our spin masters is no less shameful then the fall of Dhaka.

The new offshoot of their spin is to shift the enemy image from India and infidels to softer and easily beatable targets within the borders of Pakistan. And because the new adversary isn’t capable of a war so the song proclaims to educate their children in revenge. The generous intention take after Mahatama Gandhi’s non-violent struggle against adversity and ought to be considered a viable addition into an otherwise ludicrous contraption.

However, on ground nothing is happening either in KPK or FATA at all. The children of the enemy are dispersed across the province and there is no hope for going home or school anytime soon. The encampment of the Western border dictates further and prolonged vacation of the newly conquered enemy territories, so as to provide Americans space and time for achieving objectives in Afghanistan after they made us forsake ours under duress.

However, we can play all kind of strategic games with the people within our borders, so we will keep things at pause till we have mother India sufficiently cooled down to allow us play cricket in her courtyard and the world community will think us to be good guys. But can we keep on guzzling the country’s GDP on defense indefinitely, if we don’t smear mother India in the eyes of Pakistani public on this pretext or that? May be not, so it’s better that we find soft enemies within the country and if there aren’t any, we’ll have to create some new ones to keep the game going.

And that’s what the song seems to be all about. 35 years of policy frauds and bundles of lies have made many of us wise enough to see deep into the myopic heads of the master strategists of the great holy cow. Their best bet is to revert back to the age old formula of democracy and rule of law. There isn’t any more room for lies and frauds in statecraft and diplomacy. The dominant majority has to accept multiplicity of interests within the federation and the ploys it has used to usurp resources of suppressed minorities must be undone once and for all, and we will not only thrive as one nation with each other but shall also be able to assimilate with the modern world as it strides into a great future of achievement and excellence for the mankind.

By Jack Frost, Editor-in-Chief 


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