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Islamabad sit-in: Pashtuns decry security forces suppressive policies in Pashtun belt

Pashtun Long MarchEDITORIAL: Pakistan, if, was made by our forefathers, the forefathers of Pashtuns, and if it was their dream, they wouldn’t have made such a Pakistan where their children are not safe, where their children are being bitten by terrorists, where those responsible for security are pushing them into the deadliest tunnel of insecurity, terrorism and eventually made homeless.

They wouldn’t have made such a country where their posterior would then be ridiculed by media and being killed in extra judicial killings and fake police encounters.

Dr. Said Alam Mehsud rightly said that Pakistan means Punjabi political elite. This, he said while addressing the sit-in protest of the thousands of disgruntled Pashtuns who came together in Islamabad to condemn Pakistan’s military oppression in the tribal belt and also to seek justice for Naqeeb, who was killed an extra judicial killing in Karachi for being a man from Waziristan, along with other Saeed Gul Afridi from Khyber Agency.

Let’s accept that it was never our dream and it cannot be. We the Pashtuns have been killed in thousands, gone missing in thousands, and we are crying that they need to be brought before law courts, if they are found guilty punish them and if they are proved innocent then set them free.

For the world what it looks to be is a war on terror, nevertheless, in the eyes of Pashtuns this is actually a war on Pashtuns.

If you have an iota of doubt then go and see with our own eyes that thousands of Pashtuns have swelled before Islamabad Press Club and they are vociferously chanting that “Ye Jo Dehshatgardi hai, Iskay Peechay Wardi hai” which metaphorically means that military is behind terrorism. And whoever challenge this claim must carry out a research work that how many terrorist organisations are being operated on the soil of Pakistan.

Bearing the unspeakable atrocities being unleashed by terrorist Taliban, by military, and by American drone attacks, the Pashtuns have been receiving dead bodies from all sides. And finally when their patience gave way, they took the roads to Islamabad. But media was told by the deep state not to provide coverage to the sit-in, though this is going to be the first ever peaceful protest this capital city has ever seen. The security establishment, the parliament, the senate and the supreme court must listen to their grievances, media must not remain mum and if it remains silent, then it is not only a betrayal with those who have come together before Islamabad Press Club and dared this extreme winter just to record their anger at what the army is doing in the tribal belt.

The demands of the Islamabad sit-in by Pashtuns are very much clear.
Their demands are given in the following lines.
1): To constitute a judicial inquiry about all the extra-judicial killing of Pashtuns.
2): All the missing persons must be brought before the law courts, there must be court proceedings, those found guilty must get punishment and those proved innocent must be released.
3): All the landmines must be cleared as Pakistan army asked the 1.5 million displaced Pashtuns to repatriate while declaring they have cleared the area but it was not and there are now landmine blasts, which kill Pashtuns. In a recent incident eight of a family members were killed when their car hit a landmine in Kurram Agency.
4): The army will give us guarantee they will not open indiscriminate firing whenever there is a terror incident because civilians become the ultimate victims of such firings. No violence on civilians, and not putting security responsibility on the shoulders of the tribesmen as providing security is the job of army and not civilians. No more curfews as the decade long so called war on terror has already adversely affected the economy of Pashtuns and their businesses are ruined.

Given that  Pashtuns were free today they wouldn’t have been seeking justices against the government and condemning the security forces rather they would have free in addressing their own issues, they would have their own media and they would have not let it happened that their compatriots must be displaced in millions.


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