ISLAMABAD: Historian Dr. Wiqar Ali Shah Removed for Attempting to Rewrite History

390971_297439200287135_1887821620_nISLAMABAD: The director of the National Institute of Historical & Culture Research (NIHCR), a subordinate research institute of Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), has been removed from his post abruptly. The rumors have it that the renowned historian had disagreed with the official history of Pakistan.

Dr Shah was immediately removed after he gave a speech at the International Conference on Sindh, History and Culture at the Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur, which concluded on November 25.

The renowned professor is the author of 12 books. In the said conference he presented his paper, titled ‘Identity Crisis and the Responsibilities of the Present Pakistani Historians’, in which he praised nationalist leaders such as G.M. Syed, Bacha Khan and Wali Khan and pre-partition heroes such as Bhagat Singh and said that historians should bring into light the struggles of regional leaders in both Pakistan and India.

Following the conference, Dr Wiqar Ali Shah was removed from his post as the director of NIHCR. The university, however, denies the allegations and says that the removal of Dr Shah is a “a matter of routine”.


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