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ISIS Members Enter Nangarhar by Helicopters

ISIS by HelicoptersKABUL – The members of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) enter to Nangarhar province by helicopters, a number of senators said on Tuesday. Presence and movements of Daesh group in most parts of the country, particularly Nangarhar have raised concerns.

Inhabitants of Nangarhar province – who have escaped the area – say militants associated with Daesh are having a devastating effect on the lives of the locals which has led hundreds of people to flee the area.

“Last night, two helicopters landed in Sorkh Rood district of Nangarhar and transfer Daesh members. The government and security officials must seriously investigate the issue,” senator Jumauddin Geyanwal said.

Meanwhile, first deputy speaker of the Senate said, “We have assigned the internal security commission to investigate the issue.”

“There is no report on transferring of Daesh militants to Nangarhar. But we do not reject that Taliban and Haqqani network supports to Deash,” Murad Ali Murad, deputy chief of Army staff said. -ATN


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