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ISIS kidnap 6 civilians in Ghor, days after killing 31 Afghan civilians


The loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group have abducted at least 6 civilians in Ghor province, days after executing at least 31 civilians in this province.

According to the local officials, the 6 civilians were abducted late on Friday afternoon from the work place and have been taken to an unknown location.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Abdulhai Khatebi said the loyalists of the terror group had initially 8 civilians but one of them managed to escape while the second one as released after he was beaten by the group’s fighters.

According to Khatebi, the ISIS loyalists who have abducted the civilians belong to Qari Rahmatullah whose militants killed at least 31 civilians late last month.

The latest kidnapping by ISIS loyalists comes as President Ghani visited Ghor province to meet with the families of the victims of last month attack.

President Ghani vowed to avenge the brutal execution of the 31 civilians who were shot dead by ISIS loyalists.

Last month’s incident took place in the vicinity of Feroz Koh district with the local officials saying the ISIS loyalists executed the local residents to avenge the killing of their commanders. -KP

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