Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi signs up to fight ISIS in Syria

Iranian-HulkAn Iranian man has attracted international attention and has become a social media star for his massive muscles resembling to the movie character ‘The Hulk’.

The 24-year-old weightlifter Sajad Gharibi is also known as The Persian Hercules and he has announced to take on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group and travel to Syria to defend besieged mosques.

Gharibi appears to revel in the attention drawn by his bulging 23-stone frame, showing off news clippings and celebrity mentions to his 10,000 Instagram followers.

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has commented “The guy doesn’t even need CGI… #RealLifeHulk” – remarks which seemed to delight Mr Gharibi, who reposted them to his fans.

According to reports, Gharibi is able to lift loads of up to 175kg (386lb) and his Instagram reveals he has Hulk-like 64cm (25 inch) biceps and regularly powerlifts.

He puts much of his size down to genetics, and had to push aside rumours he was fridge-raiding ISIS executioner The Bulldozer.

Gharibi writes in his mother tongue, but uses hashtags such as #strongman, #strongbody, #big. #muscles, and #powerful on Twitter and Instagram.

His big muscles may also be accompanied by a big sense of humour, as sometimes Gharibi will pose with normal objects such as a can of “Fanta” to show how small it is when compared with his frame. -KP


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