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Infighting among Taliban in Herat leaves scores of militants dead

Mullah-RasoolAFGHANISTAN: At least 24 Taliban militants have reportedly been killed in the latest infighting among the rival groups in western Herat province which ended late on Tuesday.

According to the local government officials, the incident took place in Pashtoon Zarghoon district after the supporters of Taliban Chief Mawlavi Haibatullah Akhundzada clashed with the dissident Taliban leader Mullah Rasool.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Jilani Farhad said they are aware regarding the latest infighting among the rival Taliban groups.

He said preliminary reports suggest at least 7 supporters of Mawlavi Akhundzada have been killed in the infighting and 6 others were wounded.

Farhad further added that 11 supporters of Mullah Rasool have also been killed or wounded during the clash.

This comes as at least 18 Taliban militants were killed during an infighting in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan earlier last month.

Mullah Rasool was an arch rival to the self-declared Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mansoor who who was killed in an airstrike in Pakistan last month.

He also opposes with the appointment of Mawlavi Akhundzada as the new leader of the Taliban group.

The latest infighting among the Taliban factions comes almost three months after the supporters of the two factions clashed in Herat province, leaving nearly 200 militants dead. -KP


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