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India’s role in Afghanistan not acceptable to Pakistan: Nafees Zakaria

foPAKISTAN: The foreign ministry of Pakistan once again reiterated Islamabad’s stance regarding the role of India in Afghanistan, calling it a controversial presence which is against the stability of the region.

Speaking to reporters in Islamabad on Friday, the ministry of foreign affairs spokesman Nafees Zakaria claimed that India’s controversial role in Afghanistan is neither in the interest of regional stability nor is it acceptable to Pakistan.

He went on to claim that Indian role in Afghan’s conflict can endanger regional stability.

Zakaria further added that Pakistan takes this issue very seriously and has raised it on several international fora.

This comes as the Afghan officials have long been insisting that the Afghan soil will never used and no party will be allowed to use it against its neighbors.

The US President Donald Trump also called on India late in August to step up its reconstructive efforts in Afghanistan as he unveiled the new US strategy for South Asia.

India has played a crucial role since the fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and has invested more $2 billion on reconstruction projects in the country.

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