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India should supply tanks and artillery to Afghan army: Indian war veteran

Afghan-army-fire-artilleryAn Indian war veteran and strategic analyst has said India should supply heavy military equipment to the Afghan armed forces, including tanks and field artillery.

In an Op-Ed published in New Indian Express newspaper, Maj. Gen. (Retd) G D Bakhshi, said ” Rapidly do capacity building of the Afghan army, so that it has a military edge over the Taliban and can defend its territory against Pakistan’s incursions.”

The Retired Indian General further added that India should “Complete the Chabahar-Zaranj-Delaram road and beltway via Iran. Till then, supply tanks, artillery guns, attack helicopters and trainer jets via Russia.”

“Once the Chabahar beltway opens up, it can supply large numbers of T-54/T-55 tanks and 105 mm field guns lying in our depot stocks and salvage yards,” Gen. Bakhshi added.

The Op-Ed by Gen. Bakhshi was published days after a bloody clash erupted among the Afghan and Pakistani forces in Torkham over the construction of border gate by the Pakistani forces.

Harshly criticizing the Pakistani step to seal the Durand Line which has not been accepted as formal border line by Afghanistan, Gen. Bakhshi raised the issue of the Afghan militant groups sanctuaries in Pakistan, including the Taliban group leadership.

Pakistan insists that the step to construct gates along the crossings and fencing the Durand Line is an attempt by the country’s security forces to prevent the movement of the terrorists.

However, the Afghan officials insist on a regional fight against the terrorist groups, including the steps to be taken against the leadership councils of the Taliban and Haqqani network based in Quetta and Peshawar cities of Pakistan. -KP


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