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India says major attack foiled in Jammu Kashmir after tunnel dug from Pakistan

attack-foiled-in-Indian-KashmirThe Indian officials are saying that a large scale attack planned for Jammu in Kashmir was foiled after a tunnel dug from Pakistan was discovered by the security forces.

The officials are saying that the tunnel having a length of 14 feet was discovered by the Border Security Force personnel in RS Pura sector in Jammu district.

A senior office of the Border Security Force told The Hindustan Times “Today (Saturday) BSF foiled another nefarious design of Pakistan to infiltrate terrorist groups through a tunnel from Arnia sector to cause havoc in the festival season.”

The officer further added that the tunnel was 14-feet long and spacious enough for terrorists to crawl with arms and ammunition and enter Indian territory.

Another official from the intelligence sector has told the paper that “Some ultras or laboruers engaged were inside the tunnel, when BSF personnel detected it. The BSF jawans opened fire but they escaped back to Pakistan.”

This comes as the situation remains tense along the international border line as the security forces of the two countries exchange fire sporadically.

Indian officials have long been criticizing Pakistan supporting the terrorist and Jihadi groups who have been staging attacks in India since a long time.

In the meantime, the officials are saying that the 14-feet tunnel was the fifth discovered by the security forces since 2012. -KP

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