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India likely to give Afghanistan more weapons

MODI GHANIKABUL: Despite opposition from Pakistan,New Delhi is expected to deliver more weapons to Kabul to help it defeat militants, the Afghan ambassador says.

Over the past decade and a half, India has given Afghanistan more than $2 billion in economic assistance. However, Delhi has been cautious in providing weapons.

India announced giving Afghanistan four attack helicopters in December — the first transfer of lethal equipment to the war-torn country since the fall of the Taliban regime.

Ambassador Shaida Mohammad Abdaliwas quoted as saying that regional security was worsening and Afghan national forces badly needed military supplies to tackle the Taliban, Islamic State and other rebel outfits.

“We are grateful for the four helicopters. But we need more, we need much more. Today we are heading into a situation that is worrisome for everyone in the region including India,” he told Reuters.

Next week, Afghan army chief, Gen. Qadam Shah Shaheemis likely to visit India to submit a list of military equipment drawn up in consultation with the US military.

According to the news outlet, the wish-list includes more Mi-25s, smaller transport helicopters and spares for existing Russian-origin aircraft in the nascent Afghan Air Force (AAF) fleet. -Pajhwok


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