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Impressive Parkour Video Attributed to Afghan Police Forces

Afghan-police-impressive-videoAFGHANISTAN: A video has gone viral shortly after it was shared online on social media websites which purportedly shows the Parkour moves by the individuals in Afghan police uniform.

The video has surfaced online months after a similar video was published by an Afghan rapper to encourage the Afghan National and Defense Forces (ANDSF) as they are going through a tough period of time amid deteriorating security situation.

It is not clear if the video has been recorded by the security institutions which shows a group of Afghan youth performing Parkour moves.

The Afghan youths have been adapting the Parkour skills similarly as they have been adapting initiatives in other fields, including sports and technology.

A group of Afghan youths attracted attentions internally after they displayed their parkour skills in mid-2015.

The pictures of the young men first started to circulate in international media which shows the men performing Parkour skills in Dar-ul-Aman Palace which was destroyed during the civilian war in 1990s.

The initiative displaying Parkour moves in Afghan police uniform has been widely welcomed as the service members of the Afghan police are busy facing the worst situation in the country with the rampant insurgency led by the local and foreign insurgents.

Everyday dozens of Afghan police service members are losing their lives as they are facing the enemy in the frontline besides security personnel from other security institutions are contributing equally.

The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) took over the full security responsibility from the NATO-led coalition forces at the start of last year.

ANDSF have proved to remain resilient as they went through a tough period following the transition despite hundreds of them lost their lives while combating terrorism.

In the meantime there have been unprecedented support to ANDSF on international and domestic level as the international partners of the Afghan forces reaffirmed long term support just few weeks ago but what effects could it have on the security situation of the country remains not ascertained.

The Afghan officials believe the ongoing violence in the country has foreign roots and insist on an international and regional cooperation in a bid to eliminate the terrorist safe havens and subsequently maintain peace and stability in the country and in the region. -KP


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