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If we fully uphold our security, none can attack our airport: Karzai

karzai (1)KABUL: The former President Hamid Karzai says that if Afghans were fully maintain security of their country, so none can dare to attack the airport.

Former President said this during a gathering to mark the death anniversary of Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani, the former President and High Peace Council Head.

Karzai hoped that the Taliban to join the Afghan peace and reconciliation process amid at getting rid of foreigners and foreign games.

Moreover, he called upon Afghan masses to keep unity, and be patriot all the time in a bid to stand on own feet, and protect the country.

Pointing toward indefatigable and tireless efforts of Burhanuddin Rabbani—the martyred of peace, he said that Rabbani was a great patriot, who had relation with all tribes of the country.

He added that Rabbani was a peace seeker figure, who struggled for peace at the highest level till end of his life.

The ex-president, and HPC head, Rabbani was killed six years ago at his home by a suicide attacker who had concealed a bomb in his turban.

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