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I left the country as I didn’t want any further bloodshed, Afghan’s President tells his nation

Afghan’s President Ashraf Ghani address to his nation after he fled to United Arab Emirates:

“Dear countrymen I am hopeful that the days of  hopelessness will be faded away soon and Afghanistan will be on the path of freedom, development and prosperity again. My whole attention and struggle is for peaceful Afghanistan, a country without any further bloodshed and this is my fundamental aim as well. Before leaving Kabul, I have worked on inclusive and national setup with Taliban but didn’t succeed. 

Dear countrymen I am in UAE, last week before leaving, I was planning to meet officials in Defence Ministry about Kabul take care in future. Although Taliban had promised of not entering Kabul but they were in the surroundings of Arg doors. I know if I would remain then another Afghan President would be killed and it would create another shameful chapter in Afghan history. You know I never been afraid of a respectable death. I was compelled to leave Kabul to halt bloodshed and destruction. I will share details of the episode sooner. I have message for those accused me that I have sold Afghan land and fled. If you don’t have concrete evidence then stop blame game. Mullah Omar, Ameer Abdul Rahman, Dost Muhmad and many more left the country and then came back and served the nation. In this period baseless propaganda and character assassination was highlighted particularly “of taking the money” I came here empty hands everyone can verify from UAE custom. I condemn and reject these allegations in strongest words, I am thankful to Almighty for not spilling further blood. I fully support the government (Dr Abdullah and Hamid Karzai) peace negotiation process and hope this will be successful. It was not military defeat rather political (national and international) and that’s why I appreciate Afghan forces bravery, our soldiers are brilliantly.”

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