Human Rights Day and the Ground Realities

Musa Khan Nangialey Profile pic 2Today, Human Rights Day is being observed worldwide. Its history may be traced back to 1945, when the United Nations was formed. The preamble of the UN charter begins with the words as

          “We the people of the UN faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women”

Later on, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights was adopted by the General Assembly in 1948 which guarantees the following basic rights to all humans beyond their color, race, and creed, etc.

  • Right to life and liberty.
  • Prohibition of torture and inhuman treatment.
  • Right to freedom of movement to leave any country and return to his own country.
  • Right to seek asylum.
  • Right to freedom of opinion and expression etc.

Similarly, every State has shaped constitution in accordance with the UN Charter to ensure human rights. But we see that all over the globe the modern state-system has so far failed to ensure human rights on the ground. We see that presently 17 human rights activists are on hunger strike in the US who demands that inhuman treatment and torture should be stopped in a US jail in Cuba, because the UN charter and constitution of the US strongly condemns such activities.

If we examine the human rights situation in Pakistan, we find time and again that broad day light violations of human rights are daily observed. The constitution of Pakistan clearly states that every citizen has the right to move freely inside and outside the state if he is not criminal, but what has happened with Mama Qadeer Baloch is open to everyone. Again the constitution of Pakistan stresses that every person who is arrested should be produced before magistrate within 24 hours but almost every citizen of the state know that some 30,000 people are missing and their guardians do not know even that either they are dead or alive. Similarly, the constitution also guarantees protection of life and property, but every passing day brings dumping killed bodies and what has been happening in FATA, where properties are demolished and people displaced.

Syria is also a big ground for human rights violation. We see that the Syrian army attacks residential areas to kill the rebels, but meanwhile kill also the common people in the process. On the other hand, forces of Russia, the UK, the US and Germany are bombing from jet fighters to kill the members of the IS. These strikes also cause huge number of innocent human loss and torturous mass displacements.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which claims to be the fort of Islam and champion of civil rights is very ignorant in this regard. The king passes inhuman laws with time to time. They do not allow people to profess their religion freely as they have banned the Shia community. They do not allow people to form association and political parties. People are also denied of freedom of speech and expression. If someone commits this blunder, he/she has to be ready for inhuman punishment.

In China, human rights record has been criticized for a long time. The consecutive governments have been remained an authoritarian and one party state. According to Amnesty International 2015, China curbs freedom of speech, assembly, association and religion, prohibits independent labor unions and human rights organizations and maintains party control over all judicial institutions. Similarly, print publication and academic research and justifies human rights abuse as necessary to preserve social stability.

There are billions of people who even do not know about their basic human rights and the worst situation is that millions of people who know their about their rights happen to be not believing in them for others. According to an estimate there are 90 countries of the world where human rights are violating. The actual fact is that human rights are violated all over the globe.

Writer: Musa Khan Nangialay

The writer is a correspondent with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He has master degrees in Political Science and International Relations from University of Peshawar. He can be reached at


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