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How Pakistan plays double game for pushing the war against West in Afghanistan

In this photo taken Tuesday, March 2, 2010, a Pakistani soldier holds a rocket launcher while securing the area in the Bajur tribal region on the border with Afghanistan, Pakistan. One of Pakistan's most notorious Taliban radio voices is back on the air after the army raided his stronghold last year and drove him across the border into Afghanistan.(AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)

Pakistani Government despite actively pushing its proxy war in Afghanistan has always tried to deny ties with Taliban, never mind supporting them.

When the Afghan Unity Government finally regretted trusting Pakistan after realizing it was being betrayed despite softening relations with Pakistan for the first time in years, Pakistan delicately used influence of some tribal leaders from Pakhtunkhwa to try calming down the Afghan presidents’ disapproval of Pakistan. The same like this, every time Pakistan comes under pressure from the Afghan side, they threaten with a different leverage such as expulsion of Afghan immigrants from Pakistan who will have to leave billions of dollars investment behind, closing the Turkham gate, building fence on the Durrand line, and many more leverages.

While this time, the pressure on Pakistan for supporting terrorism is relatively higher than ever before, thus, Pakistan needed to come forward from a bit trustworthy address. Therefore, Pakistani government used one of their journalists, Saleem Safi, who had made a good reputation for his hard-hit questioning interviews with high profile Pakistani Politicians on sensitive issues mostly covering Pakistan intervention in Afghanistan. For the fact that Mr. Safi had always explicitly questioned Pakistani government intervention in Afghanistan, he had gained a little bit trust among Afghans.

Saleem Safi who recently interviewed the Afghan president for Geo TV has – in his article for The News International “Afghanistan: our case” – defended Pakistani’s government evil-doings and instead put all the blame on the Afghan side. In fact, he is repeating the same failed efforts of his country’s politicians to fool the world. In response, the Afghans need to repeat bringing the following facts to their attention and importantly to the attention of the world.

It is simple, very simple! Where did Taliban come from? How were they created? They came from nowhere but Pakistan, they were produced by Pakistan in order to pursue its long term goals in the region. Can Pakistan deny that? Where was Osama bin Laden, Mula Akhtar Mansour, and Mulla Omar killed? Where is Mullah Hibatullah Akhondzada the contemporary head of Taliban today and how can Pakistan justify the way he was openly selected in front of a large audience? Was it not Pakistan where all this happened? If Pakistani Politicians are denying that too, which they are, that clearly shows how compulsive liar they are.

Schools teaching terrorism are inside Pakistan and the fact that Aljazeera TV and other media outlets are able to make documentaries of them and conduct interviews with officials of these schools and suicide-bomb teachers is clearly proving that all these schools are run by Pakistani Government, absolutely undeniable. I am certain we cannot find a single person in the entire world apart from a few Pakistani politicians to deny all this.

For God sake, Pakistani religious leaders openly declare jihad in Afghanistan and encourage terrorists to kill innocent Afghans even in the masjids during prayers.

To legitimise terrorism and killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan, among other Pakistani politicians, Moulana Fazil-ur-Rahman leader of the conservative Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, a political-religious party, has repeatedly said in his interviews that Afghanistan is occupied by the West. Doesn’t he know how the West came to Afghanistan? Was it not made possible by Pakistan? How can Pakistan deny the telephone call from U.S president George Bush to Gen. Parviz Musharaf the then president of Pakistan in which he was given a deadline of 24 hours by George Bush to decide on either being an enemy or a friend of America? Americans knew that Pakistan government had two faces.

Finally, the world knows that Taliban were created by Pakistan. By the same token, Isis fighting in Afghanistan is just a new brand name for Taliban from the same source for the rest of the mission. If it were not so, the rise of Isis in the Taliban influenced areas in Afghanistan would not be that easily possible, as Taliban would not allow it. As Pakistan is currently under pressure from Afghanistan and its western allies, it just tries to do everything possible to fool the world once again. In fact, Pakistan will never stop thinking about more attempts of blackmailing the world. After all, Pakistan cannot afford losing millions of dollars fund blocked by the U.S congress. Before it is too late, the international community must stop Pakistan playing double game, producing more terrorists and spreading intense religious hatred in the region, or else the entire world would taste the pain that Afghanistan has long been suffering from.

By: Khalid Lalzai
Student of Economics at Aalborg University, Denmark. He can be reached at


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