House of Commons Committee Warns Cameron Against Voting on Further Meddling into Syrian Fiasco

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron leaves Downing Street in central London on Sept. 3, 2014. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

An influential conservative majority committee in the House of Commons has strongly warned Prime Minister David Cameron against a second vote on military involvement in Syria.

A second vote on expanding bombing ISIL targets was expected this Autumn and the prime minister had made it amply clear that such a task would only be undertaken if the vote is passed with majority. However, about 20-30 conservative MPs are expected to rebel if a vote were held.

Mr. Cameron was defeated in a previous vote on the issue in 2013, following which he promised to rule out military action by British forces – although it was known later that British pilots participated in bombing operations against IS targets in Syria.

News Desk: The Pashtun Times

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