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Honor Killing in Pakistan on rise

condemn-honor-killingAs I read the news from Kohistan where a 15 years old Pari Bibi is shot dead by her brother Kamran in the area of Palas police station.

The Express Tribune (a Pakistani English daily) detailed the case as “suspicious being romantically involved with a boy of the same village”.

By scrolling down the paper, I got several other honor killing cases, one from Karachi where a girl and boy had married on their own and were shot dead by uncle and his son. Another news was from Jaccobabad another poor girl was killed in the Mian Somroo village of Sukker Sindh. It didn’t stop and news were going deeper down, and I observed all of these cases were registered in the month of March (as these words are written it’s 29 March 2016).

We can observe from the above news papers reports that March 2016 showing a rise in the Honor Killing‬ cases across the country; some of them are sadly connecting to Pakhtunkhwa.

I don’t know which stage of civility we live in and for how long such inhumane acts will last? Leave alone the terrorists and terrorism badly affecting our lives, we have become ourselves terrorists and have been involved in crimes which we never consider as crimes.

Even though Punjab government brought up Women Protection Bill but the religious parties of Pakistan had no other issue to focus on but to rebound the bill. Their agitation; and logic that family structure is going to get serious damages if the bill is passed. I don’t understand their logic, if the social life is only limited and bound to the honor killing, violence, torture and harassment of women at home? The most critique of the bill was Maoulana Fazl Ur Rehman, Jamiat e Ulama Islama chief, who then circled rest of his fellows in Jamat-e-Islami and other Sunni and Shiite religious parties.

For these religious political democrats ‘Honor Killing’ won’t damage family life. They consider women as tinny creature in real a kind of property of their own. It’s not only religion, I will add the traditional life style and taboos of different societies living across Pakistan. Whether they are decisions by the Punjabi and Sindhi Panchiaths, the Balochi Meearh or Pakhtun Jirgas (those that support the views of honor killing). Because poor souls are killed, tortured, harassed, their body parts especially facial features cut to make an example out of them. The harsh side of the story is this that none of the honor killing victims are even remembered by the relatives and families. As they are marked ugly signs on family honor forever, so a death of these innocent is a way to wash the spots on honors, insane.

When religion tell us that the death of human is actually death of humanity, then who’re responsible for these deaths going unheard in media? The religious leaders would surely have their share in such deaths; because they are the ones who are in the way stopping the women protection bill. And letting women death go unheard in the name of honor killing.

For me the death of innocent girls and boys is never an honor! it’s inhumane and violation of natural and man made laws and universal declarations as well as human rights violation. Would condemn it forever, and go for lobbying to Sannamotivate people for stopping such an inhumane practice in the name of honor.

By Sanna Ejaz

The writer is a Pashtun Political and social activist from Pashtunkhwa.


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