Helmand sit-in youths start hunger strike

KABUL: Several youths participating in a sit-in in southern Helmand province have started hunger strike as they demand an immediate end to the ongoing violence by declaring a ceasefire.

The participants of the sit-in have warned that their hunger strike will continue until the Taliban and the government have not responded positively to their demand for the ceasefire.

In the meantime, the provincial government media office, in a statement said a delegation comprising of high level government, military, and security officials met with the participants of the sit-in on Thursday.

The statement further added that the delegation led by the deputy provincial governor and the provincial military council members have told the participants of the sit-in that the government welcomes all the efforts led by the Afghans that results into peace and reconciliation.

They have also added that the government respects the sit-in and protest of the youths and is prepared to respond positively to the calls for ceasefire.

In the meantime, the officials insist that they are prepared for unconditional ceasefire if the Taliban group is prepared to accept the demand with the middling of the sit-in youths.

According to the officials, the Taliban must first show readiness to respond positively to the demands of the sit-in participants for a ceasefire.

The Taliban militant groups has not commented regarding the report so far.

But a spokesman of the group had earlier warned the participants of the sit-in regarding the possible misuse of the sit-in by certain circles to further spark violence.

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