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Hekmatyar asks Afghanistan’s neighbors not to seek interests in violence

hekmatyarKABUL: The leader of Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar asked the neighboring countries of Afghanistan not to seek their interests in persistent violence in Afghanistan.

In his speech ahead of the formal signing of the peace agreement with the Afghan government, Hekmatyar said the ongoing war and violence in the country is not waged for the interests of the Afghans.

Hekmatyar further added that the violence being waged in the country is for the interests of the outsiders.

He did not elaborate further regarding the outsiders and did not specifically mention any country in his message to the neighboring countries of Afghanistan.

However, the Afghan officials have long been criticizing Pakistan for allowing the Afghan militant groups to use its soil for planning and coordinating attacks in Afghanistan.

In other parts of his speech, Hekmatyar said he is hopeful to witness a day where the foreign countries will stop interfering in internal affairs of Afghanistan amid a persistent peace and stability in the country.

The leader of Hezb-e-Islami said the peace agreement with the government was reached through intra-Afghan negotiations and that no foreigners were involved in the talks as he called on other militant groups to resolve the issues through negotiations.

He also pointed towards the withdrawal of the US forces from the country and said his party was hopeful that the US forces would leave the country in 2016 but the White House changed its plans.

However, he said the peace negotiations were launched after almost 90 per cent of the foreign forces left the country.

According to Hekmatyar, the exchange of districts control will not resolve the issue and only intra-Afghan negotiations would help bring peace and stability in the country.

He also called on President Ghani to take first steps in launching peace talks with the Taliban group by releasing the Taliban prisoners, apparently gesturing to show a sign of goodwill. -KP


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