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Heavy clash underway in Helmand’s Khanshin amid reports of district fall

Taliban-commanders-killed-in-KunduzAFGHANISTAN: The Khanshin district in southern Helmand province has reportedly fallen to Taliban control after hours of heavy gun battle between the Taliban insurgents and the Afghan security forces.

The security officials confirmed that heavy gun battle erupted among the Afghan forces and the Taliban insurgents late on Friday night.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Omar Zawak confirmed heavy clashes are still underway in parts of the district however he did not comment regarding the fall of the district.

According to reports, a soldier of the Afghan army lost his life in the attack and several other security personnel have sustained injuries.

The Taliban group spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the group’s militants have full taken control of the district.

Helmand is among the volatile province in southern Afghanistan where the anti-government armed militant groups often carry out insurgency activities.

The Taliban insurgents have continuously launched major attacks to take control of several key districts in the province but the attacks were repulsed by the Afghan security forces.

Earlier the officials were saying that the group is intending to shift its leadership council to Helmand by capturing the key districts. -KP


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