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Govt arranges free transportation for passengers returning from Pakistan

Free-repatriation-of-passengers-TorkhamTORKHAM: The Afghan government has arranged free transportation for the passengers who were stranded on the other side of the Durand Line amid a deadlock between Islamabad and Kabul following a series of deadly terrorist attacks.

The Pakistani authorities opted to close the travel and transit routes along the Durand Line after Pakistan was hit by a series of deadly attacks as the authorities of the country claimed that the attacks were plotted and coordinated by insurgents based in the Afghan soil.

The growing tensions resulted into exchange of lists of the terrorists and their sanctuaries located both in Afghanistan and Pakistan but no further developments were made after Afghanistan demanded actions against the notorious and Pakistan-based Haqqani terrorist network and the Taliban leadership councils being using Peshawar and Quetta cities as their safe havens for the attacks in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, the provincial government in Nangarhar said Wednesday that necessary precautions including transportation arrangements are in place for the thousands of people stranded on the other side of the line due to Pakistan’s decision.

The main crossings between Pakistan and Afghanistan were reopened on Tuesday morning and it is expected that the crossings will be closed by the end of the day based on the decisions of the Pakistani authorities.

Provincial governor Gulab Mangal hailed the authorities and the activists for their support in arranging transportation free of cost for the stranded passengers.

According to the local officials in Nangarhar, more than one hundred vehicles were arranged with the owners providing voluntary services to help the stranded passengers reach the capital of Nangarhar, the Jalalabad city. -KP


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