Government to allow Indian films screening: Marriyum Aurangzeb

The Government has decided to maintain the present policy regarding the import of Indian cinematograph films, Marriyum Aurangzeb, Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting, has said in a statement.

The decision is made in light of the economic advantages of screening Indian films for the Pakistani cinema industry, which in turn supports local filmmaking,

“[From] the close examination of historical and empirical data including the trends of the industry since 1965 till date, it is evident that the inclusion of all foreign content, including Indian film content in local cinemas, have a multiplier impact on the commerce and development of the Pakistani film trade and industry as a whole,” read Aurangzeb’s statement.

The Pakistani film industry has been revived and strengthened after the resumption of import of Indian films into the country in 2007, she emphasised.

The screening of Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas was blocked in October last year following escalation of tensions with India over the latter’s unprovoked ceasefire violation along the Line of Control. The ban was imposed by the Film Exhibitors Association of Pakistan.

Marriyum Aurangzeb’s statement also revealed that the Prime Minister has constituted a separate Committee to review the challenges faced by the Pakistani film industry. Stakeholders such as leading artists, producers, exhibitors and distributors to share their perspectives with the Committee.

Marriyum Aurangzeb said that the investment plans of the local film industry, especially of the cinema owners and film exhibitors for producing local films, were reviewed, as were policies to promote the soft image of Pakistan via local filmmaking.

Other matters being scrutinised include the standard operating procedures of the Central Board of Film Censors and the sale and purchase of uncensored, pirated foreign film CDs/DVDs.

Aurangezeb also said that the Prime Minister has given approval to introduce polices that would incentivise the local production and broadcast industry in Pakistan. A review of the regional and global best practices and models of the production and broadcast industry is being conducted to replicate them in Pakistan.

For the purpose, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has planned a consultative meeting of the stake holders with the production and broadcast industry in February. -IMAGES


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