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Google begins its translation services in Pashto language


Google has announced the addition of 13 more languages to its online translation services including Pashto, one of the two formal languages of Afghanistan which is also spoken by a large portion of population in Pakistan.

The company now provides online translation services in 103 languages free of charge.

By the company’s estimate, the service now covers 99 percent of the online population.

Other twelve languages added are Amharic, Corsican, Frisian, Kyrgyz, Hawaiian, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Luxembourgish, Samoan, Scots Gaelic, Shona, Sindhi, and Xhosa.

Google says this helps bring “a combined 120 million new people to the billions who can already communicate with Translate all over the world.”

Google Translate first launched in April 2006, using rule-based machine translation between English and Arabic.

Translation between English and Russian followed in December 2006, and the addition of new languages ramped up in 2007.

Google Translate has thus passed the 100 languages mark in just under 10 years. -KP

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