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Global Village and FATA

fata001If you had been born hundred years ago, you would have had no chance to know about all the incidents and other news that happen in the world. There was a time when people had health, education, transport and communication problems. With the passage of time, science made everything easier in twentieth century. Science has brought a drastic change in the social, political, religious, educational, economical and geographical aspects of life. Not only the ways of modern men changed but modern men have also been changed. For some of us, it has made our life easier and for others, it has made their life more complicated than ever. Science has been a curse as well as a blessing for the people around the globe.

Science has provided us a global village due to the use of Internet. All the humans have been benefited and suffered greatly from the use of Internet. As everything is relative and has its own advantages and disadvantages, same is the case with Internet. It is always difficult to imagine what communication procedures were in the world only few decades ago. It was always difficult for people to interact with one another. For this purpose, people had to travel for many hours and days. A century ago it was common practice in the world to travel on foot for many days in order to meet someone. Today, we are better able to communicate with one another easily through Internet.

In Pakistan, today we have been gifted with this technology and Pakistan has been much advanced in such a technology as compared to other Asian countries. The people use internet more than any other country around the globe. There are millions of Internet users in Pakistan. Information technology has been making the communication more easily day by day. People use it for different purposes. The use of internet in Pakistan is not satisfactory. It is not used positively. Majority of the students do not use it for their academic purposes. They use different social media websites which results in the wastage of their time. Others consult such websites which are not fruitful for their career. One can say that the use of internet is not satisfactory as it needed to be in Pakistan.

One should and must be use internet positively in order to benefit him/herself. Students can use it for their academic purposes. They can access online libraries, lectures, presentations and many other daily needs. They can search research papers, academic websites, biographies, videos and other necessary information related to their specific field. They can also earn online through internet. They can have online business and such a business can always be very much profitable for them. Hence one can say that Internet has always been a curse as well as a blessing for the youth of a nation. It must be used as a blessing and the youth should benefit themselves through Internet.

The Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA), strategically located between the Pakistan-Afghanistan borders, has been deprived of this global village. They have been having the same lifestyle and other sources of communication as we had hundred years ago. They have had those ancient systems for communication, transport and other health problems. They are still living in the third world and the people of FATA are living in the dark ages still. For months and years, the people are unable to contact their families if they are abroad. Majority of the people over there are unaware of internet, mobile phones, laptops and other technological advancement that has made the world a global village.

PEMRA must overlook at its policy and the necessities and needs of the people. If other parts of Pakistan are blessed with modern communication system, then why not FATA be blessed with such a facility? What are the reasons that tribal’s have been living in dark ages? What are the hurdles in installing such a system over there. People of FATA should be blessed with such facility and this can also be used for their awareness. They can be easily aware through social media. People can also have the freedom of expressions and would easily express their views. Hence FATA will show its own talent to the world and won’t be living in the dark ages and will be behaving like a modern man.

Writer: Amir Zaman

The writer is from Waziristan, FATA. He is graduated from the Department of English Literature, Islamia College Peshawar. He can be reached at



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