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Ghani’s speech interrupted in London as fight erupts among his guards and protesters

President-Ghani-speech-interruptedLONDON: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s speech was interrupted in the UK-based Royal United Services Institute as a fight broke out between his security guards and one of the two protesters who started interference as the President was delivering the speech.

There have been mixed reactions regarding the scuffle as the video went immediately viral in social media.

The social media users have mainly focused on two aspects of the scuffle, condemning both the protesters and the presidential guards for inappropriate behaviors, insisting that the inappropriate use of words was a humiliating act against the Head of the State.

They have also condemned the use of force against the protesters by the presidential guards as they are seen in the video punching the second man who protested against the President.

The scuffle started with one of the protesters interfering during his speech, calling the President a liar, claiming that he has failed to fulfill his promises to the Afghan people.

The second protester intervenes shortly after the first man is taken out by the security guards but the brawl leads to a physical fight as the security guards try to calm the man.

This comes as scores of people staged demonstrations in London city on Thursday to protest against the government’s decision to change the route of Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan (TUTAP) power project from central Bamyan to Salang.

Earlier, thousands of people organized demonstrations in Bamyan and Kabul provinces to protest against the change of the route of TUTAP, besides several politicians have called on the government to reconsider its decision and ensure justice in implementation of development projects.

However, President Ghani said a commission will be given the task to review the power project, emphasizing that there are different views regarding the route through which the project should be implemented. -KP


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