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Ghani warns Pakistan, asks to act against Taliban based in Peshawar and Quetta

Ghani-warns-PakistanPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said Monday that the government of Afghanistan is not expecting Pakistan to bring Taliban group to negotiations table, urging Islamabad to take actions against the militant groups acting Afghanistan using the Pakistani soil.

He was speaking during a gathering in Afghan Parliament following a deadly attack in Kabul last week which left over 400 people dead or wounded.

President Ghani further added that the leadership of the Taliban militants is based in Quetta and Peshawar from where they coordinate and launch attacks in Afghanistan.

Emphasizing on Islamabad’s commitments to take military actions against the militant groups pursuing violence in accordance with the QCG agreements, President Ghani warned that Afghanistan will approach the UN Security Council and other international organizations to lodge complaint if necessary actions are not taken.

Ghani further added that the Pakistani government should act responsibly in fight against terrorist groups, insisting that there should not be distinction between good and bad terrorists.

He said the Afghan government will take strict actions against those spilling the blood of the Afghan forces and civilians, vowing execution as punishment for the detained militants.

Presenting religious justifications in the light of Quran to defend the Afghan people and country against the rebel groups, Ghani said the Taliban group will suffer in the battlefield and will eventually request for peace talks. -KP


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