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Ghani wants Taliban chief to be included in UN Security Council Sanction

ghani-against-haibatullahKABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani wants the United Nations Security Council to include the supreme leader of the Taliban group Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada to be included in the sanctions list.

During a meeting with the UNSC delegation in Kabul, President Ghani urged the delegation to include the names of the terrorists together with Taliban chief in the sanctions list.

President Ghani also insisted on international talks to help curb the financial resources of the militants which he believes are mainly guaranteed through criminal economic issues, specifically with the smuggling of drugs.

He said the second major contributor to the militants’ financial resources is the illegal extraction of mines in the country and the government of national unity has terminated several contracts in the past two years in a bid to create capacity for the better management of mining.

In regards to the ongoing insurgency in the country, President Ghani said the violence in Afghanistan has regional roots and more than 30 insurgent groups are contributing to the complex Afghan war.

President Ghani also discussed regarding the provision of sanctuaries to the terrorists by certain countries, emphasizing for the declaration of clear stance against those supporting the terrorist groups as well as jointly working on various issues including the transactions of black money which reach to the terrorist groups.

The UNSC sanctions committee delegation in their turn promised full support to help dry the financial resources of the terrorist groups as well as other criminal activities that fuel insurgency, including opium cultivation and smuggling and money laundering. -KP


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