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Ghani to inaugurate reconstruction of Dar-ul-Aman Palace today

Dar-ul-Aman-PalaceThe reconstruction of the historic Dar-ul-Aman Palace in capital Kabul will be inaugurated by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani today.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani approved the restoration work of the Palace earlier in March this year, saying the ““Shattered Dar-ul-Aman Palace is a reminder of our darkest days. Thus, I’ve approved its restoration work today.”
The reconstruction work of the Palace will be performed by the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs of Afghanistan.
President Ghani will deliver remarks at the inauguration of the project by participating in the first meeting of High Commission of Urban Development.
Located in the outskirt of the capital in the west, the palace was mainly damaged after it was used for military purposes, including as a bunker, by the rival jihadist groups during the civil war in early 90s.
Dar-ul-Aman palace and Taj Baig palace were constructed during the kingdom of King Amanullah Khan during 1919 to 1929. It was used as the Defense Department during the Soviet times and was partially damaged during military coup by Shahnawaz Tanai against Dr. Najeebullah former Afghan president.
The palace received serious damages during the civil war which erupted following the withdrawal of the Soviet forces from the country-DN

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