Ghani says attempts being made to misuse youths for sparking divisions

P. gHANIPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani expressed concerns regarding the misuse of the youths of country to spark tensions among the people of the country.

He made the remarks during a gathering organized in ARG Presidential Palace to mark the international youth day.

President Ghani said questions should be asked from those involved in sparking divisions among the people and the interests they gained over a period of last forty years.

He called on the youths of the country to step up efforts to eliminate the discrimination and corruption in a bid to specify and ascertain their future.

The Afghan President did not mention any specific group, movement, or influential figure in the misuse of the Afghan youths.

However, the Afghan youths are largely used both the political movements and anti-government armed insurgent groups to execute their agendas.

The remarks by President Ghani came as the country is facing growing insurgency, political instability besides the residents of the country are facing enormous other challenges including deteriorating economic situation and unemployment.

The main hurdle faced by the youths of the country is the growing rate of unemployment, one of the main factors considered as key in forcing the youths to join the insurgents ranks or get involved in other criminal activities.

In the meantime, President Ghani said the government has also stepped up efforts to create more work and employment opportunities for the youths as he called for the unity among the people.

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