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Ghani says ‘Afghan security forces will defeat, chase Taliban in valleys, mountains’

Pr.-Ashraf-Ghani-615x300@2xKABUL: Among the concerns that the upcoming spring would be a bloody one with serious fighting, president, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, on Tuesday warned that the country’s security forces will “defeat” the militants and will “chase them in every valley and mountain” of the country in coming spring.

President, while taking to a gathering in the presidential palace in Kabul, organized to mark the 28th anniversary of the withdrawal of the Soviet Forces from Afghanistan, said that militant will face “big defeats” in coming year as the security forces will be “chasing them in every valley and mountain” of the country, if the militants continue to kill “innocent Afghan people” in their destructive “terrorist attacks.”

Ghani said that the militants who are killing judges, Mullahs, soldiers and innocent Afghan women, children in their suicide attacks would not succeed in their “evil goals”. “If their new or old lords think that they will once again turn Afghanistan to a country to be without army, police, law and isolated of the world, then they should understand this that their evil hope will not be achieved, but will face defeat.”

“I don’t think the terrorists will succeed to divert Afghan nation’s will from development and prosperity of the country” president said, adding “I once again call upon those Taliban who think themselves as independent groups (…) that Afghanistan is the joint homeland of all Afghans, and (you should) come to live a dignified life in this common home like other countrymen, and take part in its development instead of destruction” he noted.

Ghani prized the Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan leader Eng. Gulbadin Hekmatyar for his “historical” decision to join the intra-Afghan peace process and this way paved the way for a big number of dissident Mujahidins to return to the country after decades of life in Pakistan.

Ghani said this year nearly one million refugees were returned to the country mostly from Pakistan and this way they left no excuse for Pakistan to blame the former refugee Mujahidins for ongoing fighting in Afghanistan.

President called on jihadi leaders to support the security forces in ongoing fight, which he called it “Jihad against terrorists”. “Our today’s struggle is the same to the struggle we had against communism, as we succeeded in that one, we will succeed in ongoing fight against militants as well.”

It is worth to be mentioned here that 28-year ago the Soviet Forces withdrew from Afghanistan, following tough resistance from the Afghan people and Mujahideens. The Russian occupation which lasted for nine years claimed around two million lives.


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