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Ghani Promises to put a Harness on Unemployment


While addressing delegates of a youth Jirga for justice and reforms, Ashraf Ghani promised on Monday to curb unemployment in the country and create more opportunities for youth in government administration.

The delegated had come from various provinces of Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani said that bringing reform is the duty of government while program will soon be started to put a brake on unemployment.

On a question on the menace of corruption, Ghani said there were many reasons for corruption, but it is in the interest of Afghan people that financial contracts be clean and transparent. He said that caution should be made, as corrupt individuals are waiting to destroy the system, but he added that reforms should be based on principles rather than on individuals.

Ghani also thanked youth for their energies and sacrifices for the country, specially the sacrifices of those youth who are in military services of the country.


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