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Ghani optimistic about empowerment and improving role of Afghan women


KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani expressed optimism regarding efforts to empower the Afghan women, emphasizing that the women are moving forward in making progress equally and should to shoulder with the men.

Ghani further added that the women in the country are now capable to independently represent themselves.

The Afghan women suffered the most during the past several decades and were deprived of their key rights including the right to have access to education and other social affairs.

President Ghani was speaking during the Third International Symposium on Empowerment and role of Women in Afghanistan.

Reiterating the government of national unity’s support to take further steps in empowerment of Afghan women, President Ghani said the government is mainly focused on changing the wrong culture, insisting that the extremist notions should not return to the country.

He called on the Afghan families to allow their daughters to participate in different social affairs and urged the private sector to assist and further employ women.

President Ghani also added that the leaders of the unity government feel proud as more than 240 female judges are serving with the judiciary institutions of the country.

He hailed the role of the Afghan women in the ranks of the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces, saying there should be no doubt that the Afghan women can not defend from the Afghan constitution.

In other parts of his speech, President Ghani said the current solar year will be a year of economic mobility.

President Ghani insisted on more practical steps to be taken to improve the situation of the country and said there should be less paper, more action and more international cooperation. -KP


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