Ghani calls on militant groups to join intra-Afghan talks for reconciliation

ashraf-ghani-visits-to-ministriesPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani called on anti-government armed militant groups to join intra-Afghan talks for reconciliation and refrain from the destructive activities that harm the nation.

President Ghani was speaking during an event in Kabul to observe the Milad-un-Nabi, the birth of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H).

He said the welfare of the country is in peace and not war, emphasizing that Prophet Mohammad wanted injustice and oppression to be eliminated from the society.

The remarks by President Ghani came as the Taliban group in Afghanistan, the main insurgent group in the country, offered new demands to participate in peace talks.

The group demanded recognition of its political office in Qatar, removal of group’s members from UN blacklist and direct peace talks with the US.

Earlier, reports emerged suggesting peace talks could likely kick off between the Afghan government and Taliban group.

The Afghan government opted military option against the group after it rejected to participate in direct peace talks earlier this year and after the group announced its annual spring offensive.

The government was forced to withdraw from the peace efforts after the group claimed responsibility behind a number of deadly attacks across the country, including a major attack on VIP protection unit in Kabul that left over 400 people dead or wounded. -KP


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