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Germany deport more Afghan refugees after asylum rejection

Afghan-refugees-return-from-GermanyAnother group of Afghan refugees have arrived to Afghanistan from Germany after they deported following the rejection of their asylum application.

According to reports, the group, consisting 26 rejected asylum seekers left Frankfurt Germany late on Monday night.

The group consisted of convicted criminals and single men, who had been living mainly in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia, Deutsche Welle reported.

Germany started the deportation process of the rejected asylum seekers in mid-December last year amid reports that the country is due to send back 11,900 migrants back to Afghanistan.

According to Deutsche Welle, around 250,000 Afghan asylum seekers are living in Germany currently.

Earlier, a group of at least 50 asylum seekers whose applications were rejected by the authorities in Germany.

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans left for Europe last year amid deteriorating security situation in the country.

Scores of the migrants lost their lives on the way to Europe by going through the most dangerous routes, including the Iranian land route and the Turkish waters.

In the meantime, the latest deportation of the Afghan refugees from Germany sparked demonstration in Frankfurt with reports suggesting between 100 to 250 people joined the rally to protest against the move which comes amid deteriorating situation of Afghanistan. -KP


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