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German students clash with police over deportation of Afghan refugee

Students in the German city of Nuremberg have clashed with police to bloc the deportation of an Afghan refugee.


Clashes erupted on Wednesday between students and police at the vocational school at Berliner Platz, where officials were trying to evacuate a 20-year-old Afghan asylum seeker from the camp.

The Afghan student was among many others who were due to be deported to Afghanistan on Wednesday.

Students surrounded the police car carrying the student and stopped it from leaving the school. A protest then followed with police using tear gas and batons to disperse the students.

Reports said three officers were injured in the clashes although police eventually managed to detain the student who had been in Germany for over four years, spoke German fluently and had been offered a job.

Separately, protests were reported across the European country against the continued deportation of Afghan refugees. Protesters said the Afghans had no security back home and Berlin’s decision to deport them was against their will.

Authorities decided to cancel the deportation program scheduled for Wednesday after reports emerged from the Afghan capital about a deadly explosion that killed 90 people in a diplomatic district of Kabul.

Germany has accepted more than a million people from a historic flow of refugees that began to hit the European shores in early 2015. Most of the refugees were people fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and North Africa. Under increasing pressure from nationalist forces in Germany, the government decided to change its liberal asylum policies last year and began to impose restrictions on the arrivals. Berlin also reached agreements with governments such as Afghanistan to deport refugees whose asylum applications had failed. -PressTV

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