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German Government seems to be closing the door of learning and education on the already marginalized Pashtun youngsters

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It was in 2013 that a flurry of happiness was felt across Khyber-Pashtunkhwa when students and their parents first learned about the open door policy of German government for Pashtun students aspiring for cheaper and high quality higher education in Germany. Many students were given education visas during 2014-15.

However, quite recently it has been reported that German embassy has started refusing education visas to Pashtun students on the basis of flimsy and concocted logic. It seems that German government being unable to accommodate and assimilate Middle Eastern refugees, has in turn started closing their doors for the educated lot instead. This tantamount to a mockery of variation in foreign policy that will lead to induction of uneducated, unskilled, middle age refugees in place of young students into German society and academia.

The Pashtun Times strongly rejects the new closed door policy for students and learners and asserts upon the government of Angela Merkel to desist from hectic and counterproductive actions under the new unannounced and unacceptable policy of a human friendly German state.

Aurang Zeb Khan, a Pashtun youngster and intellectual, a lecturer and editor with the Pashtun Times, reported to the scribe that he applied for a student visa at German embassy in Islamabad after getting one year expenditure deposited at the Deutsche Bank, and presented the admission letter issued by University of Heidelberg, along with travel insurance to the immigration officer. But in spite of completing all the criteria his student’s visa application was rejected on the ground that the immigration officer wasn’t satisfied that the applicant has enough funds for pursuing the proposed Masters degree in South Asian studies. He also informed that the university issued him invitation for admission twice, the 2nd time when he missed to join the fall semester. He says that he and his family have been shocked by insensitive response of the embassy staff. Elaborating upon the subject the said Mr. Aurang Zeb Khan mentioned that German Government has opened door for refugees while closing doors for students which is indeed unjust. As a result, this unjust policy also benefits a number of human smugglers and their illegal business. Mr. Aurang Zeb Khan said that he would appeal against the decision of the immigration officer and hoped he wouldn’t be considered a malafide pretender because he has based his future on his study in Germany.

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