Gen. Raziq’s ban on Pak Rupees and reduction in Dollar rates in Kabul

gen. razaqKABUL: The provincial police chief of the southern Kandahar province General Abdul Raziq has reportedly put a ban on Pakistani Rupees in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan.

In the meantime the Dollar rates against the Afghani currency witnessed an unprecedented reduction in the main exchange market of Kabul city, Sarai Shahzada – Shahzada Market, today.

There has been a reduction of almost 2 AFN against each Dollar in the main money exchange market in Kabul today as traders and merchants credit the reduction to Gen. Raziq’s move.

However the reduction in Dollar rates in Kabul followed as the main exchange market was closed for two days due to a protest by money exchangers regarding the growing instability in the country threatening the local traders.

There are also reports that the Dollar rate against Afghani currentcy has dropped by 3 AFN as the social media was rife with the report of reduction in Dollar rates in Afghanistan today.

A leaflet has started to circulate across Kandahar yesterday in three languages informing the traders and local residents in Kandahar regarding the ban on the use of Pakistani Rupees.

The leaflet was also shared on the main Facebook page of Kandahar police chief General Abdul Raziq.

The use of Pakistani Rupees in Afghanistan is normal in some southern and southeastern parts of the country since the Taliban regime in mid-90s.

Afghanistan has been struggling to prevent the use of Pakistani Rupees in the mentioned areas during the past several years but such attempts have proven to be fruitless.

The latest attempt to start ban on Pakistani Rupees from Kandahar province comes as the relations between Kabul and Islamabad witnessed an all time low during the recent months.

Tensions between the two neighboring countries started to escalate following Pakistan’s move to construct a gate in Torkham located along the Durand Line which the Afghan government calls as illegitimate and unilateral move.

The Afghan and Pakistani forces engaged in a deadly clash in Torkham last month over the construction of the gate last month that led to the death of numerous people, including a top Pakistani army major. -KP


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