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Gen. Raziq says Pakistan attempting to create third group of Afghan Taliban

General-RaziqThe police chief of southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan General Abdul Raziq has said Pakistan is attempting to create the third group of Afghan Taliban, in a move that he believes is being taken after the Taliban group infuriated Pakistan with certain steps, including rejection of group’s role certain attacks in the country.

He said the third would be created under the leadership of Mullah Qayum Zakir as the rejection of certain attacks in Afghanistan including an attack in Shah Shahid area of Kabul was rejected by the Taliban group which sparked furore among their Pakistani supporters.

“Currently two groups of Taliban are operating in Afghanistan which are led by Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor and Mullah Rasool. But Pakistan is attempting to create the third group of Taliban under the leadership of Mullah Qayum Zahir and Pakistan is being supported by Siraj Haqqani in this work,” he was quoted as saying in a report by Tolo News.

Gen. Raziq said the Taliban will face reactions from Pakistan as they have been rejecting to claim responsibilities for certain attacks in the country, including a mysterious attack in Shah Shahid of Kabul which led to death of Syed Mohammad Haqqani who was assassinated by Pakistan.

The remarks by Gen. Raziq comes as Pakistan’s foreign affairs adviser for the first time admitted that Pakistan has influence on Taliban group based in the country.

The confirmation by Aziz regarding Pakistan’s influence on Taliban and the facilities provided to them followed as talks were underway to revive direct Afghan peace talks which the Taliban group rejected.

It is believed that Pakistan has increased pressures on Taliban group and has warnings to the group’s leadership to participate in peace talks or they will face expulsion from the country together with their family members.

Meanwhile, the Taliban group is busy to end the widening rift among the senior leadership of Taliban and appointed Mullah Omar’s son in top commissions of the group in an attempt to consolidate the group’s operations. -KP


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