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Galloping Talibanization in my Hometown

NajeebThe fabric of Pashtun societies in Balochistan have been systematically altered, since the filthy epoch of the Cold War politics in Pakistan. Because the movement of Talibanisation has entirely provoked — an enormous throng of Pashtuns — in the name of religion. The perception of jihad and radical Islam was extensively injected in their minds. So that, they could have taken the responsibility of preserving the status quo of Islam. I am always gutted that, why our people have neither distinguish between good and evil nor understand the real nature of religious discourse.

I do not go into very profound details, to pinpoint the process of swelling Talibanisation in the Pashtun belt from Chaman to Quetta. But here, I am specifically, focus on the latest developments of Talibanisation in the outskirts of Baleli Customs. A place where I born. Which is merely 4 kilometers, away from main Kuchlak. In fact, Kuchlak is considered to be the hub of Taliban stalwarts and the most favourable hideout for them from the last two decades.

This particular region is comprised of local ethnic Pashtuns and a small number of Baloch population. Who lived almost, very peacefully in a congenial atmosphere? Nonetheless, they have strong relations with each other owing to their past coexistence. Hence, in the early 1980s the Tablighi Jamats (Preachers of Islam) have been largely — concentrated on this region, to preach the fundamentals of Islam. With the passage of time the folks of this area was religiously stimulated by the advocates of Tablighi Jamats. As a result, they have given space and their activities were allowed to spread.

Unfortunately, the movement of Tablighi Jamats were gaining strength among the people which has affected their social and political life. This process is yet very popular, and its roots are found widespread across the region. It is almost seems that a mammoth number of people have considered it as their ultimate objective. First of all, it persuade people to visit Tabligh for 4 months, and then make it your foremost aim until your last breath. This is more or less akin to the techniques of radicalization of the people in Madrassas and Mosques. Because it is the preliminary method of radicalization of the societies. By this procedure of radicalism the seeds of Talibanization was cultivated through various religious schools and Jihadi mantra.

However, the first Madrassa in this area was established in 2005, which is known as Madrassa Shams-ul-Ullom, run by a local religious scholar, named as Maulana Dost Muhammad. Which has 523 students of different classes. Moreover, only 3 Kilometers southward from this seminary Madrassa-tul-Islam is located. Which is run by Maulana Zahoor Ahmed, in which 470 students are recently studying Quran, and Fiqah. According to Molvi Zahoor in both these seminaries 33% of the students are from Afghanistan, 8% are from Baloch belt and the rest of 59% are respectively from Pashtun belt, such as Pishin, Killa Saif ullah; Kan Mehtarzai, Kuchlak, Chaman, and Khanozai.

Additionally, the steady crusade of Talibanization encouraged significant number of people in the name of religion. Who have granted their lands free of cost, to religious scholars who have established Madrassas and allow radicalism and Talibanization to spread in the society? Here in this area five additional Madrassas are functional, which are working in full swing. Such as, Madrassa dar-ul-Quran; Madrassa-e-Jamiya, Madrassa talim-ul-Quran, Madrassa Jamiya-e-ullom Ghaziabad. In all these seminaries around 3200 students are studying religious education respectively.

One another Madrassa which is situated in the outer peripheries of Baleli. Which is the foremost training camp of Taliban, to which the locals — have neither access nor to go even it’s adjacent. A considerable number of Taliban, with long hair and white long Arabic clothes are living in this Madrassa, but actually it is a — training camp. In 2010 inside its premises, a massive explosive devices were detonated. In which 13 Taliban were killed and some other fatalities were also reported, but the media was thoroughly impeded by Taliban to divulge reports about those fatalities.

The Taliban are now more or less an emerging threat to this region on account of their galloping insurrections, owing to their associations with Afghan Taliban. Indeed, my home town is on the verge of Taliban insurgency supported by Saudi petro-dollars. The latest investments on Madrassa culture will finally destroy this region. It seems that the structure of the region is altering like the situation of Swat and FATA in the wake Taliban’s revolt.

On my last visit to Quetta, I had interacted with the people mostly Taliban from these seminaries and other religiously inspired local people. Who have an extreme feelings of jihadist mindsets, and are mostly inspired by the Islamic State (IS) and other militant groups, such as, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and TTP. I found that, most of the people stir from Islamic State and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. I asked Mualana Qari Raz Muhammad, about the bellicosity and barbarism of TTP. He stopped at while, and said “the TTP is right and striving to impose Sharia in Pakistan.”

At another place over my critical comment about Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a small petrol Pump owner replied me in a belligerent manner, who is known as Muhammad Imran. I commented that LeJ is a terrorist Organisation, “he said LeJ is doing the right job while killing Shia population.” He was so excited — over my comment which astounded me, that how religious bigotry and fanaticism, are gaining strength in the society.

However, people with extreme opinions about religious militancy would invariably sabotage the society. It is needed to thwart the embryonic menace of militant ideologies today. If it is not being thwarted, the result will be akin as it is in Afghanistan and FATA. The local population will be affected once the clash between boys and their clients erupt. Therefore, it is the duty of local population not let their youths towards radicalism and religious intolerance.

Writer: Najeeb Kakar

The writer is a freelance writer and researcher interested in politics, society, history and terrorism. He can be reached at najeebafghan42@gmail.com Follow him on Twitter@najeebkakar19 and Facebook.


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