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Foreign terrorists disguised as Taliban are fighting Afghan forces: Stanikzai

StanikzaiAFGHANISTAN: The acting Minister of Defense Masoom Stanikzai has said that the foreign insurgents disguised as the Taliban militants are fighting the Afghan forces.

In his trip to the southern provinces, Stanikzai stopped in the restive Helmand province to review the security situation of this province.

He said the ongoing violence in Afghanistan is not having internal links but is a major conspiracy led by the foreign terrorists who have turned the the Afghan soil into a fighting ground.

Stanikzai further added that his claims could be proved with the death of hundreds of foreign terrorists killed during the operations in Khanshin, Baramchi, Marjah and other parts of Helmand province.

Speaking during a gathering in 215th Corps of the Afghan army in Helmand, Stanikzai said the local residents and Afghan people are not prepared to remove the corpses of the militants killed in the mentioned districts.

Stanikzai stressed that the Afghan people are not fighting the Afghan forces but they are the foreign terrorists who are waging war and violence.

The acting defense minister also added that the security of the bordering regions should be strengthened in a bid to prevent the infiltration of foreign terrorists into the Afghan soil. -KP


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