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Footage shows mobile phone setting man on fire, reportedly in Pakistan

Mobile-phone-put-man-on-fire-in-PakistanThe social media have been rife recently with reports and pictures regarding the harmful effects of mobile phones, however a terrifying footage has gone viral recently which purportedly shows the mobile phone setting a man on fire, reportedly in Pakistan.

The footage which has gone viral mainly in Facebook social media website shows the shocking moment a man becomes engulfed in a ball of flames after his mobile phone battery catching fire as he walking on a roadside.

The video has been recorded by one of the several witnesses who were terrified with the incident as the man run around and try to put himself out.

According to the footage, the fire starts from the pocket of the man soon after he takes out his mobile phone rise and spread up his arm before engulfing his shirt.

The horrified witnesses attempt to help him put out the flames as the victim was immediately turned into a ball of fire.
In one part of the footage, a man is seen hitting the victim with what appears to be a rug in a bid to stamp out the fire but he fails to rescue him.

Finally a man extinguishes the fire by throwing a large bucket of water with another throwing more water to help the victim.

The condition of the man has not been ascertained following the horrific ordeal which is believed to last for almost a minute. -KP


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