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Female Afghan pilot arrives to Kabul on historic solo round-the-world flight

Afghan-woman-pilot-flying-around-the-worldKABUL: A female Afghan pilot who is on the historic course of the solo round-the-world flight, has arrived in Kabul on Monday and received an overwhelming welcome by the people and the government officials.

President Ghani met the pilot, Shaesta Waiz in his office on Monday evening and hailed her for the round-the-world tour.

He also expressed hopes that all the Afghan girls one day become able to have contribution in all fields, specifically train in aviation and bring more honor to the country.

In her turn, Waiz thanked President Ghani for the appreciations and vowed to share the expertise she learns in aviation with the Afghan girls.

Waiz moved to United States in 1987 and became the youngest certified female pilot from Afghanistan after obtaining her pilot’s license.

She expects to travel to 18 countries covering a distance of 25,800 kilometers and countries like pain, Egypt, India, Singapore and Australia.

She started her trip from Daytona Beach, Florida in mid-May and expects to arrive in Florida in August.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is backing her trip and the organization and engineering graduate will host events to try to get schoolchildren interested in science — notably aeronautics. -KP

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