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Evaluation of KP government

Babar Khan YousafzaiAnother 4 years of broken promises & violated pledges for the people of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah. The PTI-led government has failed to bring about even an iota of change that was promised to the common folks. While Sehat ka Insaaf and Taleem ka Insaaf sold out well on Facebook and among PTI’s supporters, who have never been to KPK. The real picture of the change can be gauged through the facts that 30% of the province’s student body continues to migrate within the country for higher education, roofless schools are a fact in rural areas and the province is infested with Polio. Little has been done to change all this. Now a powerful argument remains popular among the party’s committed support base that “PTI is a new party with its first experience at governance”. But it is not true because everyone who is serving in KPK’s ministries has served other parties and governments in the past.

Since its birth in 1996 and rebirth in 2011, Imran Khan has been championing against Dynastic & hereditary politics, something which is now common in the west too. But the Tehreek in power gladly violates its own tenets. It is no secret that CM Pervez Khattak distributed election tickets to his sister, sister in law and son in law. PTI were making noises on alleged rigging of 2013 elections. Everything from the Houses of Parliament, State TV HQ, Council of Ministries and Cabinet division were attacked, but we heard catatonic silence from Imran Khan when Ali Amin Gandapur was caught live on national television fleeing with stolen ballot boxes in the province’s Local Bodies Elections which saw a drop in the number of votes casted for PTI. As for the Reformed Police, it stood outside Mr. Gandapur’s residence for 26 hours, didn’t dare enter to serve him an arrest warrant and the accused only gave himself up when he received a call from his honey clientele himself. Objectively, KPK’s Police have always upheld the Pashtoon values of decency, justice and honesty with duty. The fact that the Province’s police force did not abandon its stations or check posts during the most vicious Tehreek-e-Taliban onslaught is acknowledged and respected throughout the country, at a time when Imran Khan & Jamaat-e-Islami became the mouth piece of TTP, but PTI now claims the credit for every ounce of the Force’s historical traditions of fairness and decency. For theatrics ISF staged a violent closure of NATO supply lines while its political elders continue to receive Rs 47 Billion USAID every year. KPK is the largest recipient of USAID as of 2017 within Pakistan.

Imran Khan has joined the forces of status quo in their unholy alliance to deny people their fundamental rights. The party and its leader show littler tolerance for opposition and internal criticism. Whoever speaks against party policy, the chief minister or the party supremo is summarily relieved or faces the wrath of PTI’s social media which some allege is run by Dr.Awab Alvi (Dr. Arif Alvi’s son). Provincial ministers, advisors and senior bureaucrats are alleged to be involved in shady dealings & transactions without any legislative oversight and NAB is used as a tool for Political victimization. Not long ago the then NAB chairman Gen (R) Hamid Gul resigned in protest when the Govt gave a clean chit to individuals which NAB deemed corrupt. There had been allegations against the KP CM and his brother for illegally extracting Chromites from Tangi mines in Charsadda.

The Khattak Administration was about to privatize two big profit generating companies one of which was the Bank of Khyber and PEDO. The only justice they had been trying to do to this poor province was by privatizing its only two cash cows, something Shaukut Aziz did in his tenure with PTCL and HBL. The then Chairman PEDO also resigned in protest when budgets were misused by Senior Minister Atif Khan. Jehangeer Tareen one who holds no office within KPK is alleged to have been involved in looting the mines of KP, he has been able to lease them cheaply to his business partners with the blessings of the provincial government.

Since 2013 the current provincial government has even failed to produce a single MW of energy let alone the 350 dams it promised. It has now announced a mass transit bus project for Peshawar thanks to Rs 56 Billion worth of loan from CPEC Portfolio, something which PTI’s stalwart Asad Umar claimed could be produced for only Rs 14 billion in 2014, only to down play METRO BUS projects of Punjab and Islamabad. The only visible change in the province is only applied through social media. If this is the change that PTI promised to deliver then this is TABDEELI.

By Babar Khan Yousafzai

Mr. Babar is an Islamabad based Social Rights activist. His twitter handle is

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