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EU to end visa-free travel for Americans

passport USHEIDELBERG: The European Parliament on Friday voted to end visa-free travel for American citizens in the European Union, The Independent reported.

The decision made by the parliament’s civil liberties committee follows the United States’ failure to agree to visa-free travel of citizens of five EU countries including Romania, Poland, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Croatia under a reciprocity agreement.

The European Commission had discovered three years earlier that the US was not meeting its obligations under the agreement, but has yet to take legal action regarding the matter.

The parliament’s vote means that American citizens will have to apply for travel documents for the next 12 months and it comes after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order in January banning all immigrants and visa holders from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for 90 days.

The seven countries initially mentioned in the order were Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, but Iraq was recently dropped from the ‘ban’ list.


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