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England-based Pashtun doctor wishes to see his dream of Pashtunistan comes true in his lifetime

“Dr. Naseem, a Pashtunistan-lover says he must be buried in England instead of sending his dead body to Pakistan”

“I have bought a piece of land for my grave and whenever I die I must be buried in Wakefield England,” he hankered.

Interview with Dr. Muhammad Naseem- a retired physician in England.

Dr. Muhammad Naseem who hails from Bannu- a remote district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said that he is a real “Khan”, but he dropped the “Khan” part of his name since cheap or fake people started adopting this name.
He lamented that whenever you pick up a directory you will see that half of the names given in that directory carry “Khan” as their part of their names, but in true sense they are not Khans.
Khan denotes decency, honor and respect.
He said he went to England for job in 1970s. “My passport was just examined and there was no barrage of questions and the visa was approved and my passport was stamped.
Then I asked the lady who stamped my passport that for how long I can live in England and she said that as long as you wish”, he said.
Naseem said that he fall in love with the city of Yorkshire.
He said that he lives in this city since his arrival.
Commenting on the role of police, he said that British police are the best, they don’t carry any arms. “They are unlike the police in Pakistan who beat the hill out of you”, he said.
He said that a major part of the foreign remittances go to Punjab. The Pashtuns are deprived.

“We must get our own Pashtunistan, a separate state”, he wished.



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