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Eid Without Papa

The girl is between two impasses: the burden of losing a father and the agony of sitting by an undying senseless mother.


You might be a Pakistani if you forget the unforgettable tragedies. Yet, if you impulsively react to an accident on the very happening, you prove to be a Pakistani too. What may make you a sensible person, you must have a brain to contemplate the harshest realities of life and a heart that unfolds with calmness and a courage that enables you to withstand the mightiest of adversaries.

You and almost all of you secretly reveal that you know what is being done to you and who is doing it. You won’t accept any explanation given to you about any of a tragedy, because you know about the actual perpetrator, you don’t want to be misled and yet you want to keep it to your own heart. Actually, you believe you know everything!

You might than know a girl whose father had been killed at August 8th, suicide attack in Civil Hospital Quetta. And you may be informed that her mother had lost conscience since the time she was informed about her husband’s killing. The girl is between two impasses: the burden of losing a father and the agony of sitting by an undying senseless mother.

If you say you don’t know about this girl, you must know about a boy whose father, the sole bread winner of the family, had been killed. With grandparents, mother and 6 younger siblings the boy has only a shelter, God, the self and the open sky to look in once overpowered by helplessness and uncontrollable tears of the family. He wants a burst of tears too, but society dictates that a boy of 12 years never weeps. Although he is a boy yet due to his father’s death he must have a controlled on the self.

And you surely know it is Eid today. At Eid occasion kids have unique way and a different world of celebrations. They usually buy and wear clothes, shoes, caps and spectacles. They give and receive gifts and greetings. Then there are laughers, fights and reunions at this day. Every kid tries to show his/her possessions first and project them as the best from Papa and Mama. The parents in return get pleased seeing their kids enjoying.

Would you like to know what may be the situation of the above two kids today? How would you describe their Eid? Where are laughers, gatherings, reunions and gifts of around 80 families?  Whom to ask of gifts and to show them to?

Nobody cheers; nobody greets; no new wearing. There is too much noise in the muhalla, but a heavy calmness at home!

 Mama might be lying unconscious in the kitchen!!!!

Eid-ul-Azha this year doesn’t make any celebrating sense with me. Instead of interactions, engagements and celebrations, I would rather in my solace solemnize with the grieved families. I may not lessen their burdens, but would definitely burden the self with their sorrows.

By Saeed Ullah Jan Mandokhail

The writer is a cultural critic and political analyst. He can be approached on  Facebook .

Email: mandokhail85@gmail.com


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