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Eid and Human Absurdities

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Eid-ul-Fitar is a religious festival which is celebrated by the Muslims with great pomp and show. In this occasion of happiness and gladness, people purchase different things and share happiness with each other’s and take part in different cultural activities. These are salubrious activities which promote and build up human values and cultural orientations. In Pakistan, however, people resort to a plethora of illegal, aberrant, and wasteful activities as a way of misplaced amusement and sheer masochism. They resort to aerial firing, race competition of vehicle, especially pillion riding, on public roads which causes inconvenience to the public at large.

Regretfully, aerial firing is rampant. This is unhealthy entertainment and foolish show of masochism. A million dollar question does arises: is there no way to implement laws against this out-dated culture of testing lethal weapons randomly? According to Islamic point of view, aerial firing is un-Islamic and act of extravagance which is forbidden in Islam. These lethal, blind and stray bullets can cause many casualties and deaths. It also creates air pollution which destroys nature.

Second some young boys come out with their vehicle to public roads for speed competition and they dance in their vehicle. This is the only way of celebrating Eid festival and enjoyment for them, but on the other hand it is most deadly and hazardous. It can cause great casualties and even death.

Toy guns are sold and purchased on the occasion of Eid. There are so many bad effects of toy guns on children, gun toys are very likely to increase aggressive behavior and violence in children It is banned in Afghanistan, and United States of America. A question arises here that why these heinous and outdated activities are still practiced in our country? Is there no rule and law against these moronic and doltish activities? Why these lethal weapons are used openly and randomly? Why cars and vehicle are driven with high speed during Eid festival. For demolishing of these things reforms are needed. The parliament and provincial assemblies must legislate against these bustles. The govt, Atacivil society organizations, and law enforcement agencies must drive a campaign against these things. Government should ban aerial firing, sale of toy guns and they should take strict action those who still practice. Media must bring about awareness. Ulema must condemn and declare these acts as un-Islamic and wasteful.

Atta-ur- Rahman, Bajaur Agncy


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